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Pet Odor Treatment

Here we explore the intricate and challenging world of dealing with pet urine odors, particularly in carpeted areas. The complexity of urine composition and its various stages make treating and eliminating the resulting odors challenging. At Pure Surface Care, our expertise and advanced equipment help us effectively address pet odor challenges by assessing each case and choosing the most appropriate treatment. Our pet odor treatments are both safe for pets and families.

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  • Phase 1 – Fresh Urine Deposits: Our less invasive treatment option is ideal for fresh urine deposits. In this case, the urine has not changed its composition and crystallized into the cushion and subfloor. We can treat the urine without saturation or a full restoration. 
  • Phase 2 – Moderate Cases: We employ alternative treatments for moderate cases. This service includes saturating and flushing the affected area with specialized tools and solutions. This service aims to neutralize the odor by solubilizing the urine that has changed its composition and crystallized. 
  • Phase 3 – Severe Cases: In severe instances, the most effective solution is a complete material replacement. Although this can be costly, involving the replacement of the carpet, pad, cushion, and sealing or replacing the subfloor, it’s the most effective method for addressing severe urine odor problems.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How does Pure Surface Care manage pet odor treatments?

Our main objective is to address urine odors in carpeted spaces; we understand the intricate nature of urine, and its evolving composition. As certified professionals in pet odors, we assess each situation individually and identify the most suitable and cost-efficient method, including topical treatments, flushing the affected areas, or suggesting replacing damaged materials.

How soon should I contact Pure Surface Care for treatment after a pet accident?

It is best to contact us as soon as possible after a pet accident occurs. Fresh urine deposits are easier to treat because they have not fully changed decomposition. Early intervention can prevent the need for more invasive and costly treatments in the future.

Can you guarantee the complete removal of pet odors?

Due to the intricate nature of treating urine odors and the various factors involved, we cannot guarantee complete odor removal. However, we use our expertise and specialized treatments to provide the best possible outcome for your situation.

Can you treat pet odors on the second floor or above a finished basement?

While we can treat pet odors on the second floor or above a finished basement, there may be limitations to the treatment methods used due to the potential risk of damaging the underlying structure. We will assess your specific situation and recommend the most suitable treatment option.

How can I book an appointment for your pet odor treatment services?

We offer convenient online booking and instant real-time quotes, making it easy for you to schedule our services at your convenience. You can also call and speak with us at (732)592-9000

Our price transparency guidelines:
  • Our Phase 1- Pet Odor Treatment is a specialized add-on to our carpet cleaning service, designed to address fresh urine deposits. Please note this service cannot be booked independently; it must be coupled with a carpet cleaning service.
  • Odor Removal Guarantee: Given the intricate nature of pet odors and the potential for odors to permeate other surfaces, we cannot guarantee complete removal in every situation. Rest assured, we’re committed to providing the most effective solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.
  • Furnished or Unfurnished Rooms: Our rates remain consistent regardless of whether your room is furnished or unfurnished, providing maximum value in all scenarios.
  • Room Size and Additional Charges: For spaces exceeding 200 sqf, an additional charge of $0.99 per sqf will be applied. Combined living spaces may be treated as two separate rooms, depending on the size of each area.
  • Carpet Material: Our standard pricing applies to synthetic carpets. Cleaning of wool and other natural fiber carpets requires specialized cleaning methods and incurs additional charges.
  • Service Exclusions: Our standard service price does not cover the removal of ink and paint stains. Additionally, certain stains may not be fully removed due to the age of the stain, fiber material, or prior use of other cleaning products.
  • Restorative Cleaning: If your carpet requires restorative cleaning, which includes the removal of excessive soil, stains, severe pet urine and feces, and biological contaminants, this will be priced on a per-job basis.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our pricing and services.